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Expert painting services in Hobart

Here at Watkins Morgan Painting Service, we take on all types of jobs - large, small, internal and exterior.

We ensure that every task is completed to the very highest standard, and have decades of experience working on a range of residential, commercial and industrial projects. We’ve also completed a number of heritage projects over the years, working alongside architects to significantly develop our skills in this area. Whatever the job, we maintain an impeccable attention to detail, and we’re always careful to follow the strict coating systems specified by paint manufacturers. This ensures that base coats are properly matched with the corresponding finish coats to give the very best finish.

Green/environmentally friendly painting options

At Watkins Morgan Painting Service, we now offer a range of environmentally friendly painting products for both interior and exterior house painting. So, if you’d like to find out more and see what we have, then just let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.
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Roof Painting Services in Sandy Bay

Whatever kind of roof you have, Watkins Morgan Painting Service can paint it at a highly competitive rate. From corrugated iron roofs to roof tiles, we have the proper paints to suit any surface, and we guarantee to get your roof looking its best.

Our team will inspect your roof first and identify the most appropriate paint for the job, including 
matching the sheen of Colorbond. This means that, rather than potentially replacing an old, worn-out roof, 
you can save money by having it professionally painted instead.

Our roof painting services always fall in line with the relevant workplace safety standards.

Graffiti solutions

If you're having trouble with graffiti, then Watkins Morgan Painting Service is here to help. Our colour experts can efficiently find the most suitable match for your existing paint, covering the surface within 24 hours for your convenience. After an initial cost of materials, we’ll keep a note of your paint colour on file, and you’ll only have to pay a call-out fee if you need the same service again.

We understand the importance of maintaining the look of your business premises, so we’ll always find the perfect colour match for you. This will also serve to discourage any ongoing targeting of your property. Our team can effectively work in hard-to-reach areas, so just get in touch if you need a hand.

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